Accountley - Cashbook System

Run your institute smoothly with Accountley(Cashbook System). Accountley is a Cloud-based software that will save you money & time!


Interactive Dashboard

  1. Monthly Recap Report - It contains the dues and fees collected from students for the current session year and are based on month-wise.

  2. Summarized Section – this contains 4 boxes showing Current month revenue, current month expense, Current month profit & loss, Current month Dues.

  3. The third section will show you a summary of students like Total Students, Total Boys, Total Girls, and New admissions.

  4. A fourth section contains the outstanding amounts for all month’s class wise. It will show you the number of students in that particular class and the total outstanding amount. On the right side, it will show you fees collected from students for all month’s class wise

  5. The fifth section contains the detailed summary of fees collected and dues remaining day-wise for the current month

Fees Collected Invoices

List of students and vouchers from whom cash has been received. You can print the voucher with one click or you can delete/ revert the entry of collection if there has been any mistake. 

With one click, the system has been designed to make the tidy work easier.